Made with Xara October, 2013 Underwater Oasis Bedroom This 9-year-old boys room is an underwater theme. Being interested in marine life, especially sharks, this customer wanted a realistic look, rather than having a cartoon look to the paintings. I researched pictures of different underwater creatures and plants to ensure the paintings were scientifically correct. Using the pictures I sketched outlines of each shark, fish, stingray, seahorse, coral reef, and plant. I then painted each figure its respective color with a traditional brush. Afterwards I airbrushed all the details of each figure to make them look more realistic, including shadowing. Once the room was complete it truly felt like an underwater oasis that any child would love!   Before painting could begin on this Yamaha fender, bodywork had to be done. I cut about a quarter of the fender off and filled some holes. After the bodywork was complete I was able to sand the piece and begin airbrushing. The customer found a picture of a full back tattoo, which was a skull with hands cover its ears, eyes, and mouth to represent “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil”.  September, 2013 No Evil Fender May, 2012 Award Winning Custom Paint Job This 2002 Harley Davidson Road King was painted in a monochromatic grey color with 50 free handed airbrushed skulls, which were ghosted in. All the skulls have different, custom expressions, some are individual and others are grouped together. This bike has won multiple awards since it was painted in 2012!   January 2014 1950’s era Royal Enfield Indian As a restoration project, this bike was brought back to its original glory with its bright red paint job. The finishing touch was the Indian logo on either side of the gas tank. December 2013 The Nightmare Before Christmas Guitar This project combined two things that the client loves: playing guitar and Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Featured on the front of the guitar is a design that combines different scenes from the film: Sally praying, Zero flying through the cemetery, and Jack playing guitar on the mountain in the moonlight. On the back portrays Jack as himself and Jack as Santa Claus. The back of the neck says the title of the film in vinyl lettering, and on the headstock is Oogie Boogie. This detailed design was a lot of fun to work on! We can paint almost any surface, so why not combine two things that you love? For more information, check out the How To Page to see how this project was created from start to finish!    March 2014 Wall Mural At this auto body shop, the owner wanted to incorporate two of his passions with his business. Featured at the top is the business’ name and logo, while underneath that is a drag racing scene. The culmination of the mural is the owner’s old Chevelle. February 2014 Catcher’s Helmet Personalizing athletic gear is another great way for players to make their mark on the field.  This catcher’s helmet was painted with the team’s colors and logo. It is a simple design but is sure to stand out at home plate!   May 2014 Irish Themed Goalie Mask This customer wanted to show his Irish pride while goal tending. It is personalized with his name and number, and includes the Gaelic saying “Erin Go Bragh”, a tribal Celtic knot, a lady leprechaun with a pot of gold, and of course, various shamrocks scattered throughout. This mask is sure to bring the client lots of luck on the ice! April 2014 Outdoor Accessories This faux finished plastic deck box was made to look like a wooden chest. The matching trashcan is a 15-gallon steel drum that’s made to look like an old rusted barrel and by adding the wooden top, it swivels open to throw trash away. The design on both pieces is an original one, it is a feminine take on a skull and cross bones.    December 2012 Zombie Bowling Ball What better way to depict your wife than as a zombie? This client, an avid bowler, wanted his bowling ball to look like a zombie head that resembles his wife! Anything’s possible when you have a vision, and we can make it come to life for you! June 2012 1999 Harley-Davidson Softail In the midst of the reaper skulls along this bike is hidden imagery of dates that are meaningful to the client. We strive to create paint jobs that draw the viewer in for a closer look to see the details.    March 2012 Montgomery Wards Riverside This Wards bike was completely restored from an old rust bucket to a brand new looking bike! We do restorations by striping the bike, doing any necessary bodywork, and then priming, painting, and clear coating each piece.    August, 2013   15 Gallon Steel Drum End Table This piece started out as a plain, empty steel drum.  It was stripped, primed, then painted with a faux woodgrain and realistic fire technique.  This piece was made to look like an old whiskey barrel, that has been ravaged by a blazing fire from within.  The removable top screws on to provide hidden access. Keep an eye out for other variations of this awesome idea!  July, 2013 Dent Gas Tank Bike This 2006 Harley Davidson Road King Limited Edition’s theme was meaningful to the bike and the owner.  This customer was in an accident on the bike, which dented the gas tank.  Instead of having me fix the dent, he wanted the dent incorporated into the theme.  The bright green paint on the bike is like toxic oil leaking from the tank to the back of the bike.  There is also a skull coming out of where the dent is on the tank.  On the front fender there is a skeleton that looks like it is being run over and trying to grasp onto the fender.