Made with Xara Motorcycle Prices This is an average pricing list.  Any additional labor and/or materials will be an additional cost.  Examples are for standard road bikes (HD, Yamaha, Indian, etc.)  Sport type bikes/fiberglass parts add 10% due to added material costs.   3 pc tin set = $600 4 pc tin set = $700 5 pc tin set = $800 6 pc tin set = $900 7 pc tin set = $1000 8 pc tin set = $1100 9 pc tin set = $1200 10 pc tin set = $1300 11 pc tin set = $1400 12 pc tin set = $1500 All prices above DO NOT include removal and/or reinstallation. ($100-$300) Additional charges: Gas Tank Sealing = $150 Stripping = Quoted per job Bodywork = Quoted per job Artwork = Quoted per job   Trinity Designs Custom Paint Prices How much will your custom paint cost?  Call or email for your free quote. This is a guide to give you an idea of how much your custom paint job will cost you.  Many factors can change the price of your job, such as extra materials and/or parts, added labor charges, items added by the client, and time deadlines.  However, there will NEVER be an added charge without notification and approval from you, the client.  This will help protect you from a surprise bill upon completion.  Our goal is nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction! The list below includes a starting price for many items.  Per job pricing may vary, and does not include the price for any replacement parts or travel fees. Shop minimum is $50.  As always, please feel free to call, email, or message us with any questions. Motorcycle Helmets = Starting @ $200 Sports Helmets = Starting @ $300 Guitars = Starting @ $250 Mailboxes = Staring @ $150 Skateboards = Starting @ $150 15-30 Gal Steel Drum = Starting @ $300 Metal Canvas (2’x2’) = Starting @ $150 Cars/Trucks (Overall) = Starting @ $2,500 Custom Artwork = Quoted per job *Prices as of 2014, and are subject to change.  Due to rising material costs, quotes can only be honored for 90 days. All work requires a 25% Non-Refundable Deposit Sign & Lettering Prices At Trinity Designs, we offer an array of choices when it comes to vinyl lettering and signage, ranging from commerical vehicle lettering, to interior wayfinding signs, to exterior building front signage.  All sign/lettering prices are dictated by the current Sign Contractors Pricing Guide.  Some examples are: Magnetic Vehicle Signs (One Color) = Starting @ $100/pair Standard Work Truck (2 Doors - Name, City, Phone; One Color) = Starting @ $200 Show Cards = Starting @ $50 Contact us today for your signage/lettering needs.